Hi, and welcome to the IAA's Banking Working Group 5 minute survey.
We would like to get a better understanding of where, in what and how our members are working in the banking industry globally.

Thank you in advance!
What is your name? *

What best explains your membership?

If you are not a Fellow (or equivalent) would you consider pursuing the Banking Fellowship route?

What type of banking activities do you perform?

If you are not currently in a banking role, would you consider transitioning to one?

Initiatives for development of the banking actuarial practice

Please rate the following four initiatives that have been suggested as possible ways to enhance the development of banking as an actuarial practice area globally and ensure high quality education/CPD opportunities that will ensure high standards of practice for actuaries working in banking.
Initiative 1:

The establishment of a global banking qualification on a similar basis to CERA for Enterprise Risk Management actuaries
Initiative 2:

The establishment of a section of the IAA similar to the current sections for other practice areas (e.g. Life, ASTIN etc)
Initiative 3:

Developing a toolkit for associations to establish Banking as a practice area
Initiative 4:

Increasing the number of webinars on banking that are accessible globally
What additional material do you consider necessary to be successful in the banking field as an Actuary?

Would you like further details on actuaries in the banking environment?

(e.g .Banking Fellowship syllabuys, webinar, thought leadership pieces, seminars, etc)
{{answer_UhxhNx67Vfs1}}, do you have any other thoughts on the actuary's future in banking.

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Thanks again,
IAA Banking Working Group

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